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Ma Baglamukhi Ashtakshari Mantra (Eight Syllable)

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There are two mantras of eight Syllable

1.  OM AAM HLEEM KROM HUM PHAT SVAHA ( ॐ  आं ह्लीं  क्रों  हुं  फट् स्वाहा ) 
2.  OM HREEM SHREEM AAM KROM BAGALA (  ॐ  ह्रीं  श्रीं  आं  क्रों  बगला )

Above both mantras are called Ashtakshari mantra. First mantra has beentaken from “Sankhyayana Tantra” and second mantra belongs to the book “Bagala Kalpataru.”


Yuvati cha madonmattam peetambara dharam shivaam,
Peeta bhushana bhushangi samapeen payodharam.
Madiramoda vadanam pravala sadarash adharam,
Panam patram cha shuddhim cha bibhrateem Bagalam smret


That, who is a young woman, intoxicated, worn yellow clothes and
ornaments, bears round breasts in equal shape; I remember such power
of Lord Shiva. That, whose pleasant body is full of intoxication having lips
like red sapphire, and having wine pot, She, who is pure, I remember such


Om asya Astakshari Bagala mantrasya Brahma rishih Gayatri Chhandah
Bagala mukhi devata Om beejam Kroma Shakti Eem keelkam mama
sarvartha sidhyarthay japay viniyogah.


Shri Brahma rishaye namah shirasi.
Gayatri chhandsay namah mukhay.
Shri Bagalamukhi devatayai namah hradi.
Om beejayai namah guhaye.
Kroma shaktaye namah padayoh.
Eem keelakaya namah sarvange.
Shri Bagalamukhi devatamba pritayarthe jape viniyogaya namah anjalau.


Om Hlam hradayaya namah. (Touch the heart with combination of ring
finger and thumb).
Om Hleem shirsay Svaha. (Touch the head).
Om Hloom shikhaye vashat.
Om Hlaim kavachaye hum.
Om Hlaum Netra trayaye vaushat.
Om Hlah Astraye phat.


Om Hlam angusthhabhyam namah.
Om Hleem tarjanibhyam Svaha.
Om Hloom Madhyamabhyam vashat.
Om Hlaim anamikabhyam hum.
Om Hlaum kanishthikabhyam vaushat.
Om Hlah Kartal-karprathabhyam phat.


One should recite this mantra 100,000 times in forty days maximum. Its
1/10 times yajna should be performed by 10,000 offerings. Tarpana by 1000 mantra
marjanam by 100 mantra should also be made. If possible also offer food to 11 Brahmins or girls.

Use yellow clothes, asana, sweet, fruits and yellow
rosary made with turmeric.

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Baglamukhi Ashtakshari Mantra Sadhana Vidhi in Hindi, English and Sanskrit

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Most Powerful Baglamukhi Mantra for Money and Wealth

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Download Most Powerful Baglamukhi Mantra for Money and Wealth

Most Powerful Baglamukhi Mantra for Money & Wealth
Most Powerful Baglamukhi Mantra for Money & Wealth


Download Collection of All the Secret Mantras of Ma Baglamukhi by Shri Yogeshwaranand Ji

This mantra of Bagalamukhi is  Kalpadrum or Kalpataru (A mythological tree that is supposed to grant all desires). The adorer of this mantra becomes able to achieve all the desired worldly grandeur. He gets all the things in this world what he wants to get.

Actually this mantra is very secret and effective. In Tantrik community it is known by various names, as BHAKTA-MANDAR-VIDHYA, MANDAR VIDHYA & MANTRA-RATNA . There are innumerable devotees of Maa Bagalamukhi who got the grace of Bagalamukhi in form of mother Lakshmi.

The persons, who have lost their prosperity and business, whose money has been lapsed and they have no hope to regain, or where are no chances of its restoration, they should perform the adoration of this mantra

MANTRA: – Shreem Hreem Aim Bhagavati Bagalay may shriyama dehi-dehi Svaha.


Om Shreem Hreem Aim Bhagavati Bagalay may shriyama dehi-dehi Svaha.

Suvarna-abharnnam Devi! Peeta-malya-ambara-vratam,

Brahmastra-vidhyam Bagalam vairinnam stambhineem bhajay.

Meaning: – I remember the Goddess Bagala wearing golden ornaments, yellow garland and yellow clothes. The mother Bagala, who is Brahmastra vidya and can astringent all the enemies.

                     Reciting this mantra one should do nyasa according to the root mantra.

There is a mantra in “Shri-mada-Bhagavata” (8th mantra in the 8th chapter of 8th Skanda) —–“Tatashcha-virbhoot sakshat Shri Rama Bhagavat-para! Ranjayanti dishah kantya vidyut saudamini yatha.” 

                     The person who is about to be insolvent, if recites this mantra with the combination of Mandaara mantra, can regain his prosperity. I have used this mantra many times and seen the good result. The factory or business which was about to close, stood again resulted into profit.

                   This mantra should be recited one lac times under the tree of Bilwa (wood apple or algae mormelos), meditating Bagalamukhi as Lakshmi.

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