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What mantras are given in Ma Baglamukhi Diksha?

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In Ma Baglamukhi Sadhana following mantra dikshas are given. Baglamukhi sadhana is a step by step procedure of various mantras. Once you take diksha of first mantra you have to recite it one lakh times. Same way you have to recite other mantras too after taking their diksha. Finally You will be Purnabhishikt Sadhak.

1. Ekakshari( Beej or Bija or 1 syllable) Baglamukhi mantra Diksha
2. Chaturakshari (4 sybllable) Baglamukhi Mantra Diksha
3. Ashtakshari (8 syllable)Baglamukhi Mantra Diksha
4. Unnisakshari (19 syllable) Baglamukhi Mantra Diksha
5. Chattisakshari (36 syllable or Mool or Brahmastra) Baglamukhi Mantra Diksha

Now a simple question comes into mind that From where we should take diksha. We don’t know any one to take diksha from? Is there any real guru exist. Is there any person who knows this Mahavidya Completely?
Answer is only one. Yogeshwaranand Ji is the only person exist after the revered Rastra Guru Brahmleen Swamiji of Daitya Pitambara Siddh Peeth, who knows everything about this sadhana. He is not a commercial guru. His disciples like me is making him famous on the internet. The reason is only to serve the society. To help the people understand these mahavidyas. Tantra sadhanas are very difficult to do but by the help of such guru one can easily obtain siddhi or success in such difficult sadhanas.
I know after reading this you want to talk to shri yogeshwaranand ji. I am giving you his contact number but please don’t disturb him unnecessarily. If you are a real sadhak and want to learn such sadhana for the benefit of yourself and other then only try to contact him. His email id is or call him on 9917325788. You can also visit the website developed by one of his disciple